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Су-34 в групповом полете

Сергей В. Строев


Вчера прочел одного американского комментатора:"Россия посылает в Сирию остатки своего ржавого авиационного хлама". Меня это рассмешило. И про "хлам и про "остатки". Сегодня СУ-34 с аппаратурой РЭБ - лучший фронтовой бомбардировщик в мире. В 2014 году Россия впервые в своей истории произвела военных самолетов БОЛЬШЕ, чем первая авиационная держава мира - США. Они выпустили около ста самолетов, мы - немногим более более ста единиц. Не намного, но всё таки БОЛЬШЕ. Новых ударных самолетов.
Хороши "остатки"... Мой индийский друг Debasis Tejas запостил большую статью о ВЕРТОЛЕТАХ. Это не моя темя, ноя решил написать на английском по поводу "остатков авиационного хлама в РФ" для индийских друзей. Соберусь с силами - переведу эту заметку на русский. Но уже завтра. Смайлик «smile»

Yesterday, I read one American blogger: "Russia sends to Syria remains of its rusty aviation trash". It made me smile and even laugh at this "deep knowledge" about the Russian " aircraft trash" and "leftovers from the Soviet era". Today the new SU-34 ( on the photo below) with the newest anti- air defence electronic equipment is the best tactical bomber in the world. Plenty of guided bombs and missiles, range 4000 kilomiters without refuelling but can it be refuelled in flight and can fly non stop even to Washington... Though it is just a FRONT LINE bomber...
In 2014, Russia for the first time in history produced MORE military aircraft than the first aircraft power in the world - the USA. They produced about a hundred planes, we are a little more than a hundred jets. Not much more than 100, but still MORE than our "western partner number one".... Good "leftovers"...
My Indian friend Debasis Tejas posted a big and interesting article about HELICOPTERS. This is not my field, that is why I decided to write in English about the "remnants of trash jet aviation in the Russian Federation" for my Indian friends.
Probably i will translate this article into Russian. But tomorrow. Not now at 5.50 am
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Ответ на коммент моего индийского ФБ-друга Debassis Dash
Он написал и перепостил : " Commentary by Dr. Sergey Stroev sir to one of my shared post written by Avi Das sir on Evolution of LCH ...."  Мой ответ:

It is impossible to combine "all in one". In Russia there several types of strike planes ( I served in an interceptor aiкcraft regiment and helicopters are not my subject). We have long range jet strategic bombers TU-160 and yet shorter range but also strategic bomber TU-22. We have heavy strike multifunctional aircraft of SU family - SU-27, SU-30 ( India has its modification SU-30 MKI ), a new one SU-35 ( which China wants but we did not sell it yet ) with a number of modifications within this family. Then we have light strike multifunctional aircrafts of MiG family beginning, now in Airforce, from MiG-29 ( some of them are still flying in new NATO countries - former socialist camp countries) to the new Mig-35 that was rejected by India in the 2012 tender preferring French "Rafal" which is more outdated yet has a longer range and more weapons load. India has a large territory so I understand their reasons... Further... we have the new SU-34 ( which drops bombs and missiles in Syria today) that is a front-line BOMBER. Its previous "older brother" SU-24 is much more vulnerable from the air defence fire, yet it also flyes today in Syria in Russian Air Groupe. Besides we test now 3 planes of an F-22 "Raptor" stealth type - our T-50 ( or PAK FA). And we have a new light bomber - Yak-130 that is a plane mainly for training of pilots for OTHER types of aircraft as it can simulate ANY our now flying Russian planes yet it can be used as a bomber as such. In 2014 Russia produced for the first time in histiry MORE military planes than the USA - more tnan 100 in a year. On the photo - Su-34 in group.

Дальний сверхзвуковой стратегический бомбардировщик Ту-22

Учебно-боевой Як-130

Легкий многофункциональный  удврный самолет Миг-35

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